Request for Licensing a Lay Reader

This request below should be completed by …

  • the Rector/Vicar of the congregation where the Lay Reader will serve; or,
  • if there is no pastor, the Senior Warden of the congregation; or,
  • in extraordinary cases, the bishop’s designee.

Alternatively, this form may be printed to mail to the diocesan office: click here to download.

Requestor's Information

Lay Reader Candidate's Information

Candidate's Background

This does not include serving in any role other than Lay Reader.

Requestor's Submission

I hereby request that this candidate be licensed as a Lay Reader in the Missionary Diocese of the South and Ozarks. I acknowledge that a Lay Reader may not distribute Holy Communion under any circumstances. I acknowledge that a Lay Reader license must be renewed at least annually, and I will not permit a Lay Reader to serve in this role if his license has expired.
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