Is your church interested in joining the United Episcopal Church?

We welcome your inquiries. Whether yours is an Anglican congregation or not, you are invited to begin an informal conversation with the bishop.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who owns church property and has control of church funds?

Each congregation owns its property and controls its assets.

“The Church, each Diocese, each Missionary District, each parish, each congregation, and each Mission shall respectively hold its own property, be the same real or personal, in its own name, and shall do so without any temporal claim or jurisdiction of any other ecclesiastical body or person thereof.” (UECNA Constitution, Article XI)

For non-Anglican churches, is there a way we can transition from our current worship tradition?

Yes, there is provision for a voluntary period of transition that may be helpful for those unfamiliar with Anglican liturgy or other aspects of worship.

For example, the 1928 Book of Common Prayer is standard in the diocese. However, there are allowances for use of other Reformed liturgies or use of the 1662 Book of Common Prayer.

More details of the options available for transitioning churches can be found in the UEC Canons. See Canon 16; Canon 23; Canon 25; Canon 35, Sec. 3.

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