Leaders & Committees


The Rt. Rev. Daniel J. Sparks

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee provides advice and consent to the bishop, oversees diocesan business matters, and reviews clergy disciplinary matters.

  • Mr. Walter Alexander, President
  • The Rev. Richard Ball
  • Mrs. Beauty Fast
  • The Rev. Tom Hiter, Secretary
  • Mr. Wayne McKenzie, Treasurer
  • Mr. Nicholas Murrell

The Finance Subcommittee is composed of the lay members of the Standing Committee and chaired by the Treasurer.

Examining Chaplains

The Examining Chaplains advise the bishop on the fitness of candidates for ordination, reviewing their educational and formative preparations.

  • The Rev. Tom Hiter
  • The Rev. Rodney Jackson
  • The Rev. Lawrence Jones

Other Leaders

  • The Rt. Rev. Steven Murrell, Assisting Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Presley Hutchens, Assisting Bishop (retired)
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