The Rt. Rev. Daniel J. Sparks

Standing Committee

The Standing Committee provides advice and consent to the bishop, oversees diocesan business matters, and reviews clergy disciplinary matters.

  • Mr. Walter Alexander *
  • The Rev. Kenyon Bunch
  • Mrs. Beauty Fast *
  • The Rev. Tom Hiter, Secretary
  • Mr. Don Holland, President *
  • Mr. Wayne McKenzie, Treasurer *

* Members of the Finance Subcommittee.

Examining Chaplains

The Examining Chaplains advise the bishop on the fitness of candidates for ordination, reviewing their educational and formative preparations.

  • The Rev. Tom Hiter
  • The Rev. Rodney Jackson
  • The Rev. James McTaggart

Other Leaders

  • The Rt. Rev. Steven Murrell, Assisting Bishop
  • The Rt. Rev. Glen Hartley, Bishop Emeritus
  • The Rt. Rev. Presley Hutchens, Assisting Bishop (retired)
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