Candidates for licensing as Lay Readers must complete one of the training paths below.

Past training or equivalent courses may be substituted on a case-by-case basis when approved by the bishop. Contact the bishop for more details.

Lay Reader licenses may be renewed without repeating this training.


Candidates for licensing in 2023 must at least begin the following training.

Candidates for licensing in 2024 must have completed the following training.

Path 1

Scripture Reading
Courses 1-4

Complete four courses from Latimer Theological Institute:

  • BIB420 – Introduction to the Old Testament
  • BIB421 – Introduction to the New Testament
  • THE540 – Introduction to the Articles of Religion
  • ANG450 – Use of the Book of Common Prayer

Contact Latimer to enroll in these courses.

Path 2

Scripture Reading
Course 1

Complete this course from BiblicalTraining:

Course 2

Complete one of these courses in the Thirty-nine Articles of Religion:

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