Request for Licensing a Lay Reader

The form below should be completed by …

  • the Rector/Vicar of the congregation where the Lay Reader will serve; or,
  • the Senior Warden of the congregation, if there is no pastor; or,
  • the bishop’s designee, in extraordinary cases.

If desired, a printed copy may be completed and mailed to the diocesan office.

Requestor's Information

Candidate's Information

Candidate's Background

This does not include serving in any role other than Lay Reader.

Requestor's Submission

Do you wish to share any other details about the candidate?
I hereby request that this candidate be licensed as a Lay Reader in the Missionary Diocese of the South and Ozarks. I acknowledge that a Lay Reader may not distribute Holy Communion under any circumstances. I acknowledge that a Lay Reader license must be renewed at least annually, and I will not permit a Lay Reader to serve in this role if his license has expired.
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